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Florida is often touted as one of the top states for dating-there are many singles, an amazing nightlife and several awesome dating destinations! In just 10 minutes, you can arrive at the beach, and enjoy an insta-worthy sunset with your partner at the beach.

But what’s the best way to find a potential match in Florida?


Whether you’re from Miami, Tampa, West Palm Beach, or anywhere else in this unique state, you can find singles in Florida with one of the best online dating apps: Unblindate. Unblindate is no ordinary app—it is safe and reliable!

No Fake Photos

All users are required to upload their profile pictures directly from the app. You also have to renew this picture every 30 days. This way, we get rid of any fake or old photos. With Unblindate, you won’t find a 50 year old man on your beach date instead of the 30 year old you thought you were talking to!

Bridge the Distance

Florida is a populous state. You can’t possibly know and meet everyone, right? Imagine, you might be missing out on a potential love match! Unblindate helps you bridge these distances and meet likeminded people in Florida that you click with.

Technology to Help Your Search

Our advanced algorithm helps you come one step closer to people who share the same likes and dislikes as you. If you’re looking for a woman in her 30’s within a 25 mile radius who loves travel, we got you! If you want a man in his 20’s who loves beaches and partying? Whatever and whoever you need, you can find it here!


Now that you know safe, easy and simple Unblindate is, what are you waiting for? Unblindate is available for download on the Apple Store, Play Store and the Windows Store. Just fill out your details and we’ll find your date for you right here in FL.

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