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In a big city like Denver, CO, you will find ample opportunity to meet new people and connect with them. But how many times have you gone back home from a date only to realize they are just not the one for you?

The unfortunate part is, there are a lot of likeminded singles in Denver, CO, but you probably haven’t had the chance to meet them. Imagine what you’re missing out on! To make things better (or worse) there are several online dating apps for people in Denver, CO. If you’re tired of scouring through apps to find the right one, we’re here to help you!

No fake profiles

No old pictures

No catfishing


Unblindate is an online dating app catering to all the singles in Denver, CO. With an advanced algorithm, this app allows you to find people who share the same likes and dislikes as you. This app is available for download and the best part is, it’s absolutely FREE! If you like the app, you can apply for premium membership and avail other perks.

Tired of Being Scammed?

If you’re done with fake profiles using old pictures, Unblindate will save you from scams. We require you to upload and re-upload your picture directly from the app so you can’t catfish others. With our stringent screening process, you will truly get what you see!

Don’t Have Time?

If you don’t want to go one blind date after another, you can meet and talk to a potential match before you physically meet them. This way, you’ll get to know where you stand before you actually invest your time and energy into the connection.

Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or just want to network, you will find a safe space to fulfill your dating needs in Denver, CO.

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