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New Jersey

New Jersey ranked in the list for the best cities in the USA for single men and women. Many residents of NJ argue that dating in this vibrant city is not exactly a piece of cake. Once you have a partner, there are a lot of fun places and activities.

But how do you get there?
Unblindate is heralded as one of the best online dating apps in New Jersey. Here’s why.


Online dating is full of scams. How many times have you shown up at a date to find a completely different person than the one you had seen? People use fake and old photos for their dating profiles all the time—and this is the biggest problem plaguing online dating.

Unblindate requires users to take and upload pictures directly from the app. You also have to renew pictures every 30 days. This eliminates the chances of catfishing. So you truly get what you see!


New Jersey is full of single millennials. Dating app producers think millennials know how to use and operate technology. Even if they know how to, who wants to waste their time on figuring out an app?

This is why Unblindate offers you an easy-to-use and navigate platform. Unblindate will save you time and allow you to find likeminded singles in NJ right from the comfortable confines of your home.

Best Dating Activities in NJ

Now that you have an avenue to meet your match in New Jersey, you need to plan where you want to take your date and what to do. Here are a few ideas.

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