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Houston, TX

Navigating the web of dating in a city as large as Houston, TX, is no easy feat. The only silver lining is, you probably won’t run into your ex as much. But that doesn’t give much, does it?

Singles in Houston, TX, who are looking to date are probably entangled in or held back by so many things that probably wouldn’t even matter elsewhere-bummer, right?

It pains to think there may be many suitable men and women out there but you never even got the chance to meet because you run in completely different circles, thanks to the widely varied careers in this metropolis.

Hook Yourself Up!

If you’re from Houston, TX, and all of the above resonates with you, what we’re going to tell you will save your dating life!

Unblindate is an online dating app that allows you to meet hot, eligible singles in your area without the hassle of going out of your house or (barely)surviving through boring social gatherings and blind dates that don’t work out from the get-go.

Now is your chance to sign up, take a picture directly from the app and find potential matches based on mutual interests.

Why Unblindate?

There is one too many reasons for our Texas boys and girls to try Unblindate.

We have a strict 30 day picture renewal policy directly from the app, so no one can scam you with old or fake photos—you really get what you see!

Get a chance to talk to your potential match before meeting them-save your time and theirs!

Find your best match right from the confines of your home with the comfort of online dating minus the catfishing!

In the words of Chandler Bing, Could This BE Any better?

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