All That Happens When You Decide to Give Up on Love

Almost everyone has considered giving up on love at one point or another in their lives. We’ve all been there—when things don’t turn out the way you hoped with the person you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with.

The modern dating world is brutal and complicated, so much so that the idea of giving up on love altogether sounds appealing to most people. But then again, giving up on love isn’t easy either. Love is a basic human necessity.

The journey to meet your significant other is frustrating and a huge bummer, but once you find that person, it will be SO worth it! The journey will have its ups and downs, but you’ll come out the other side happier and grateful.

What Happens When You Give Up on Love

Much like food and oxygen, love is also something humans can’t live without. People who give up on love are more likely to develop commitment and trust issues with people around them.

You’re not just giving up on love, but you’re giving up on the belief that someday you’ll find true happiness. This will only lead to despair and hopelessness. Human beings thrive on love and hope.

Giving up on love will also create a pessimistic and toxic worldview. You may give up on a romantic relationship, but this will also affect your relationship with your friends and family.

Additionally, people who give up on love and relationships may feel lonely and isolated. You’ll start depending solely on yourself, and your self-protection mechanism will give up on the idea that you can be happy eventually. You’ll begin alienating yourself from others that can affect your mental health significantly.

Still not convinced? Here’s what giving up on happiness and finding love can do to you:

You’ll Find Relationships Overwhelming

When you’re giving up on love, the idea of getting into a romantic relationship will overwhelm you. You may never be able to put yourself out there in a vulnerable position again. You wouldn’t invest your time or energy in something that you believe is bound to fizzle out.

We understand that dealing with a bad breakup or a marriage can be exhausting. The thought of starting it all again can be frightening. You have to realize that relationships require a lot of work. If you keep searching, you’ll find someone ready to meet you halfway, making things easier and less exhausting.

You’ll Develop Trust Issues

Betrayal and heartbreak are two of the main reasons why many people consider giving up on love. Trust issues arise in such situations and convince people that vesting your time in someone you can’t trust isn’t worth it.

One sign that someone has given up on love is that they have a very cynical and contemptuous stance on love or people who choose to pursue love.

When you give up on love, you also tend to push away someone who may have feelings for you just because you can’t trust them. Trust issues can easily hurt your defenses, so you start suspecting people who genuinely love you.

Fear of Commitment

‘Once bitten, twice shy’ holds true for people with commitment issues. Getting out of a long-term relationship because your partner cheated on you can be damaging. It can shatter one’s trust and trigger the flight response.

Therapists believe commitment issues are a defense mechanism that protects us from getting hurt or vulnerable again.

Loss of Belief in All Relationships

Perhaps you’ve been a victim of emotional abuse, manipulation, or gaslighting. As a result, you’ve convinced yourself to never fall in love or trust anyone again. This loss of belief in love will also impact all your other relationships.

You may find yourself trapped in an unhealthy pattern of mistrust and cynicism. This can distort your worldview and make you incapable of being happy.

Giving Up on Love Can Make You Selfish

Since you’ve decided never to fall in love or trust someone again, you’ll eventually develop a selfish and self-centered attitude. Because you don’t care anymore, your life will only revolve around yourself.

It may come off as self-sufficiency or self-love to you, but the absence of love in your life can make you indifferent to others’ needs and desires. Over time, you’ll cut off your friends and family who care about you.

Guilt and Blame Game

Losing someone you love can be difficult. You may even start blaming your ex-partner or yourself for ending the relationship. Either way, quitting on love is not the answer.

A bad experience can affect your mental health. It’s not unusual to feel unlovable after a breakup. You should take some time to grieve and then reexamine the situation.

You may ask yourself if you want a future bereft of love and happiness. If the answer is no, you shouldn’t let one bad experience decide your future.

Settling for Less

You may give up on love, but you’ll still crave affection and companionship. When the feelings get too strong, you may eventually settle for a relationship that offers less than what you deserve.

This is one of the main reasons many people feel stuck in an unhealthy and toxic relationship. You’ll eventually begin tolerating manipulation and abuse because you’ve convinced yourself that enduring love is unrealistic.

Ignoring Advice

Giving up on love makes you aloof and distant to your family and friends as well. You’ll eventually stop listening to the sound advice of your friends.

Once you’ve convinced yourself that you wouldn’t find love, you’ll find many excuses to refuse your loved ones’ advice.

Take time to process the hurt and trauma of your past relationship, but keep an open mind to the possibility of love—always!

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